Stýrisvafningar Cannondale PRO GRIP HVÍTIR

Stýrisvafningar Cannondale PRO GRIP HVÍTIR

Durable high-traction surface provides exceptional grip.

Cannondale Pro Grip bar tape is a durable and tacky polymer-coated EVA foam that offers unbelievable grip in all conditions.

Sticky-gel backing adds an extra level of vibration dampening to help reduce hand fatigue, and makes installation a breeze.

Includes deluxe mechanical wedge-locking endplugs that are easy to install and hold tight in any size bar, and premium finish tape that is flexible and extra-sticky.

Kit includes 2 of each: Pro Grip Premium bar tape rolls, brake hood tape strips, flexible finishing tape strips, and deluxe handlebar endplugs.

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  • Vörunúmer: CDWHC704920001
  • 3.990kr
  • Án VSK: 3.218kr
  • Verð í sportpunktum: 2394