Shimano ME5 Svartir

Shimano ME5 Svartir

- The SH-ME502 is an enduro mountain bike shoe: Designed for dedicated trail performance when your ride takes you up and down technical terrain 

- TORBAL midsole: Torsion allowance in the midsole offers natural comfort during descents without compromising pedaling efficiency on climbs 

- Grippy sole: SHIMANO rubber sole offers unparalleled traction on and off the bike 

- Armored upper: Reinforced rubber armoring on key impact areas protect your oot from trail debris 

- SPD cleat compatible: Clip into SPD clip-in pedals for optimal pedaling efficiency. 

- Best match pedal: PD-M8120

- Stiffness level 6

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  • Vörunúmer: SHNOESHME502MCL01
  • Lagerstaða: Á lager
  • 29.990kr
  • Án VSK: 24.185kr

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